Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day Drinking at Paris Club (and other wholesome Easter weekend activities)

Brunch service is starting at Paris Club this weekend. Paris Club is definitely one of those restaurants that flies a little under the radar, and though I haven't tasted any of the brunch menu, I'm excited to see what Doug and Alex have up their sleeves. 

When making my liquid contributions to the menu, I look for light, lower alcohol content cocktails that will accentuate the food without overpowering. Fruity, citrusy, and sparkling are the flavors and textures I crave the morning after a night out. And while we'll definitely be able to make mimosas, I hope you'll try some of these less popular brunch classics: 
  • The Clipperton (Pimm's #1, Dry Vermouth, Raspberry, Sparkling Wine, Mint) and Parasol (Lillet Blanc, St. Germain, Honey, Lemon, Sparkling Wine) are both from the evening cocktail menu, but translate well to daylight hours.
  • Champagne Punch, c. 1862 - Pineapple, Raspberry, Lemon, Sparkling Wine. Originally from Jerry Thomas's Bartender's Guide, 1862, and rediscovered by me after reading David Wondrich's Punch, Champagne Punch is a straight forward adaptation of a 19th Century crowd pleaser. 
  • Bramble - Beefeater Gin, Creme de Mure, Lemon. Dick Bradsell came up with this classic in the mid 1980s at Fred's Club in the SoHo neighborhood of London. An excellent brunch cocktail: refreshing, bright berry notes, crushed ice, yum.
  • Bloody Mary - Grey Goose Vodka, Tomato Juice, Spices; served with a Kronenbourg back in a mini pilsner glass. There's a reason pretty much every brunch menu includes a Bloody Mary. Most people drink it with vodka, but Bloody Marys are awesome with a bunch of different spirits: Scotch, Aquavit, Gin—all of which are available for you to call at Paris Club. I raided the dinner menu's charcuterie board for the appetizer-sized garnish: horseradish glazed-carrot, radish, cured meat, cornichon, pepper. 
Plus, RPM is doing brunch this weekend for Easter, and I added two classics just for the occassion: Clover Leaf (Beefeater Gin, Dry Vermouth, Raspberry, Lemon, Egg White) and Cocchi Spritz (Cocchi Americano, Sparkling Wine, Soda). For the Cocchi Spritz, instead of just combining soda and Cocchi, I added a little Prossecco. Fancy! 

However, in my opinion, the best Easter drink is the Welcome Back, which is a play on a Corpse Reviver #2… you can find it on RPM's cocktail menu every day as the Lower Door (Broker's London Dry Gin, St. Germain, Cocchi Americano), which is named after a Tibetan zombie-safety tip: Legend says zombies can't bend at the waist, so if you lower the height of your front doorsuch that you have to stoop to enterzombies won't be able to get into your house and eat your brains (or drink your cocktails).

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