Thursday, November 4, 2010

Formal & Functional

A few days ago, the New York Times ran a piece on men's underpinnings, more specifically, shirt garters. While some of New York's biggest names in bartending (Brian Miller, Toby Maloney, Jim Meehan) were quoted singing their praises, I haven't yet heard any of my Midwestern bartending-brethren mention these 'unmentionables.'

On Saturday nights (when I'm more often than not banging out at least 300 cocktails at the Whistler), I'm always taking up valuable extra seconds to tuck my shirt back into my jeans. I've even been known to hastily shove my shirt right into my underwear (oh, the embarrassment). So, following Brian Miller's lead, I've ordered a pair of the Y-shape variety from Muldoon's. I'm curious to see how they'll work under jeans, or if they'll let go and snap at an inopportune moment, but most of all I'm excited to put into play an accessory that seems more functional that fashionable.

Please expect a full report.

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